Pledge to Vote for Education!

A critical election is right around the corner. The future of education hangs in the balance.


For generations, Tennessee’s teachers have committed ourselves to the success of our students. We have pledged our lives and our careers to them, and now it is time to renew that pledge…with a twist.


Join educators from all across the state in taking a pledge this election season that can determine the future of our public schools.


Pledge to make sure you are registered to vote.


Pledge to remember those elected officials who attacked public education in 2011.


And, on Election Day, pledge to put public education first when you cast your vote.


Click the button above, and sign the pledge today!

TEA is deeply committed to the success of every child! Join us in a pledge to support candidates who support public education. With your vote on election day, we can ensure that every student has a qualified, caring, and committed teacher.